Let's Reconnect.

A gym is more than a place, more than a destination or something to do. It’s a sanctuary, a connection to your community.

Going to the gym is about taking responsibility for your wellbeing. Not just your physical health, but your mental and emotional health as well.

A challenge was presented, and we’ve been kept apart. Lives and routines have adapted while not having access to our home away from home, our friends and family, our communities.

We have always been about helping our members become fitness practitioners for their own lives.
We want to provide the tools and skills you need to achieve your best self.

Customer experience is of utmost importance. We have a responsibility to Wenatchee Valley to provide a safe, clean, welcoming environment. A second home, a place of refuge. You belong with everybody. In your happy place.

For many, a workout routine is part of the foundation of their day.
Reconnect with your routine.
Reconnect with your friends.
Reconnect with your community.
Reconnect with your sanctuary.
Reconnect with your joy.
Reconnect with you.
Worx of Wenatchee Valley is here to help you make that connection.

Time to remind yourself of your strength. And get back to it.


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