7 Things You Need to Know About Proper Stretching Techniques

1) ALWAYS WARM UP FIRST. To improve range of motion and avoid injury. You do need to stretch, but don't ever do it when your muscles are cold.

2) AFTER WARMING UP, DO DYNAMIC (not static) STRETCHES. Dynamic stretching means slow & controlled movements rather than remaining still and holding a stretch.

3) CONSIDER YOGA. If you're familiar with yoga basics, you can use those moves as dynamic stretches before, say, a long run or bike ride.

4) LEARN WARM UPS AND STRETCHES PARTICULAR TO YOUR SPORT. Learn to warm up the areas of your body you will be focusing on. Have a big leg day ahead? Then really focus on warming up and loosening up your legs!

5) AFTER YOUR WORKOUT OR COMPETITION, THEN DO STATIC STRETCHES. Too many people do static stretching before their workout and then neglect to do anything after.

6) NEVER STRETCH TO THE POINT OF PAIN. You do not want any paid when you are doing dynamic or static stretching. It should be gentle when you start and then progress deeper into the stretch as you feel more comfortable.

7) STRETCH TO DE-STREE. There are stressed out times for us, and stretching is a great way to help. As you know, your mind affects your body & your body affects your mind.


Presented by: Cody Carlson NCCPT CPT

Reference: webmd.com


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