We all could use a little help in achieving our fitness goals. Something to keep us motivated, accountable and ultimately successful.   With the recent release of iphone 6 and the holidays on the horizon, I thought it was appropriate to review a review on some of the best fitness apps available on iOS8(.0.2). Most of these are available on other smartphone devices as well.

iOS8’s Health app and Healthkit platform makes it easy for apps to share data, ultimately making it easier to track and follow your health markers and fitness data.  From checking your heart rate to tracking your calories and sleep, HealthKit-connected apps make it easy for you to keep track of overall health. Here's a look at eight health and fitness apps to check out in the App Store:


-Sarah Barkley



DietBet (free)

Place a bet on yourself and put your money where your mouth is… and have fun while doing it, of course! Grab a group of friends/co-workers/family for this $10 4 week challenge to lose 4% of your starting weight. Those who meet the goal split the pot. This is a great tool to keep you motivated and accountable with a little friendly competition and possibly make a little money while you’re at it!


Myfitnesspal (free)

This has been a longtime favorite app of mine! It’s great on ALL smartphones and online, not just iPhone. MyFitnessPal makes it easy for you to track their caloric intake with its comprehensive food-diary feature, which contains a huge database of foods and their nutritional values. NEW to the app, it now tracks steps taken using the M8 motion sensor, along with water intake, exercise and weight to give users a clear picture of their health.


UP by Jawbone (free)

The new Up app by Jawbone takes away the need for its wearable device by using the iPhone’s M8 sensor to track walking goals, sleep goals and even weight loss. The app can also link up with other fitness apps such as Myfitnesspal through the HealthKit platform so data on both apps are up to date.




Map My Run (free with ads or $2.99)

Map My Run keeps a log of your runs and cycle sessions (or trail runs, mountain biking, hiking, stair climbs, etc.) around town, with detailed maps, run times and distance covered. This socially integrated app also allows you to share your workouts with friends to help keep you (and your friends) accountable.



Yummly (free)

The name says it all...YUM! Yummly provides a central place to search for recipe ideas and create shopping lists.  Yummly is incredibly easy to navigate, making meal ideas a sinch. Recipe nutrition value and calories can then be shared with the Health app after the meal is made.



Patient IO (free)

Admittedly, I have not used Patient IO fully, but the educational tools and content are well done and easy to understand for all major health concerns! Patient IO works with health-care providers to monitor patient health data and provide relevant information to its users.  Patients can also opt to send back information to their respective health-care providers or sync the data with iOS 8’s Health App. Though the app is free to download, the app only works with a participating doctor or clinic.


Fitnet (free)

Fitnet delivers over 200 fitness videos, which users can follow during their daily workouts. This is a GREAT idea for traveling, and finding a few new exercises to add some spice to your current routine. The app can also use the iPhone’s front camera to track and score user movement. For an extra push, users can also connect to a trainer to help guide and encourage their workouts. The workouts can also be shared with the Health app and other fitness apps.  



24/7 Sleeptracker ($0.99)

MotionX’s 24/7 Sleeptracker uses the iPhone’s motion sensors so it can wake you up at just the right time during your sleep cycle and monitor your sleep patterns.  Bare in mind, if you share a bed or don’t move around when you sleep, the data may be inaccurate. Over time, you are able to look at historical sleep patterns, and it’s easy to use resting heart rate measuring capability are both useful tools. Like the rest of these apps, it can be shared with the iOS 8’s health app as an additional health marker.



WebMD (free)

Use WebMD with caution. The WebMD app provides users with symptom checker and an extensive library of health content and tools.  WebMD is not a doctor nor does it make you a diagnostic expert, just sayin. It cleverly integrates with iOS 8’s Health data collected from other apps, wearable devices and other fitness trackers to provide weekly insights on how to improve a user’s overall health.



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