We all know that summer brings pool parties, tanning in the sunshine, lots of outdoor fun, and of course...barbeques! There is no reason to dread the calories that can come along with a fun BBQ gettogether as long as you know what to do!! Take it from us & then go enjoy that grill!!


* One of the biggest things people dont realize, is that burning your food can increase the amount of HCA's (cancer causing chemicals) that are in the food. One way to help reduce this by up to 70%? Addin a marinade that is full of spices!! Many spices help to inhibit the production of HCA's in our food. Plus, marinated meat just tastes good!!

* When you are browsing the meat department looking for your prime choice for the BBQ, stick with healthy lean meats: chicken, lean beef, grass-fed steaks, seafood. Now there are several ways to prepare the meat. No, you dont just have to slap it on the grill and call it good (although that works deliciously as well). One of the easiest ideas for a BBQ is skewers! Cut the meat up into small chunks and skewer it. This is also a great way to make a smaller amount of food go a long way!

* A no brainer here...VEGGIES!!! Fresh produce in the summer is a given, but how can you incorporate into your BBQ? One of the tastiest ways is to grill those veggies right along with your meats; you can even add the veggies to the skewers and you have yourself some shishkabobs! Grilled corn, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, onions, squash, carrots...the list is endless! Add some of these to your BBQ and you will be full of nutrients!

* No barbeque is complete without some delicious snacks & sides. The usually tend to be something like potato salad, pasta salad, jello salad, macaroni salad, taco salad, etc. But more times than not, these are not made healthy at all. So all you need to know is how to make some healthy versions! Make something like a fresh fruit salad, maybe a watermelon & feta salad, or a caprese salad. Yum! Snacks are just as easy, just think outside the box. Wanting chips? Make some kale chips or sweet potato chips/fries. Or make some really simple finger food like celery with peanut butter or some avacado dip or homemade hummus with veggies!

* So, you want to know how to drink healthy. Most barbeques are bound to be filled with beer and yummy cocktails. You CAN still enjoy some drinks while you are BBQ'ing, just make sure you show up with a plan. Some simple tips? Make sure you drink a glass or bottle of water in between each drink. Let yourself have one drink every hour (not ten). Also, make sure you are filling up on healthy foods while you are drinking, then you wont need to sweat the bad stuff!

Barbeques are almost inevitable this time of year! So go enjoy them or host a few healthy how-downs of your own! Happy summer & healthy BBQ'ing for the win!!!


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