With all the new and different workout styles coming around these days, its really easy to forget about the basic strength movements. These movements are the core to all other types of workouts and strength routines. Here is a workout to focus back on these primary strength workout moves!!

(pictures to explain the movements at the bottom of the post)

If you have any questions regarding form on any exercise, please feel free to ask a trainer!! (:


Body Weight Squats

AMRAP - 1 minute

repeat 5X

Walking Lunges

AMRAP - 1 Minute

repeat 5X

Pull Ups (assisted or unassisted)

AMRAP to failure

repeat 3X

Dips (bench or bar)

AMRAP to failure

repeat 3X

Push Ups (on feet or knees)

AMRAP to failure

repeat 5X


1 minute

repeat 5X

Crunches (any style)

AMRAP - 1 minute

repeat 3X


**AMRAP = as many reps as possible


Bodyweight Squat

Bodyweight Lunges

Unassisted Pull Up

Assisted Pull Up

Unassisted Bar Dips

Bench Dips

Push Up (on feet)

Push Up (on knees)


Basic Crunch


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