All sports need power. More power means more strength. More power means you can achieve higher speeds faster. Olympic lifts develop power. They teach you to explode under the bar. Power Cleans are an Olympic Lift.

Olympic lifts are more technical than Squats or Deadlifts. If you want to become an Olympic Lifter, you'll need a coach. If you don't have access to a coach, use this beginner's guide to learn how to Power Clean.

What's a Power Clean? The Clean starts in a position similar as for the Deadlift. Clean the floor from the barbell by pulling it on your shoulders. Catch the bar in the Front Squat starting position.

The Power Clean Movement. The Power Clean consists of 2 pulls. You'll spend most time working on the technique of the 2nd pull which is trickiest to learn.

1st Pull. Pull the barbell from the floor to your knees. The 1st pull is similar to a Deadlift and is a slow movement.

2nd Pull. Pull the barbell from your mid-thighs to your shoulders by extending your hips. The 2nd pull is an explosive movement.

Power Clean Setup. The setup is always the same, whether you're doing Romanian Deadlifts, Hang Power Cleans or Power Cleans.

Shoulder-width Stance. Keep the weight on your heels. Curl your toes up if necessary. Jump up a few times, use that stance for Power Cleans.

Hook Grip. Use the hook grip so you can relax your forearms and avoid pulling with your arms. Grip width should be about 54cm/21".

Chest Up, Shoulder-blades Back & Down. Prevents your back to round. Make a big chest, lift it up. Keep your shoulder-blades back & down.


Hang Power Clean. Start in the Romanian Deadlift position with the bar at mid-thigh level. Arms stay straight, hips back. This is your starting position.

Jump. Catch the bar in the rack position. If you hesitate, just jump up. Your body will figure out how to rack the bar.

Stomp. Your body coordinates stomping with racking. The harder you stomp, the faster you'll rack. Stomp your feet back into your footprints.

Elbows High. Racking with low elbows will hurt your elbows and wrists. Rack the bar by throwing your elbows as high as possible

Power Cleans. Practice Hang Power Cleans a lot before switching to Power Cleans. 2 tips.

Pull Slowly from The Floor. Jerking the weight causes bad technique in the 2nd pull. Pull slowly from the floor. Accelerate once above the knees.

Put Your Hips Higher. Hips are higher on Power Cleans than Deadlifts. You'll feel tension in your hamstrings when putting your hips correctly

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