A Review by Travis Girard


What Is the Insanity Workout?

The Insanity Workout is one of the latest offerings from the fitness experts behind the renowned Beachbody name, which first took fame with their release of p90x. It was developed by world-famous workout guru “Shaun T.” especially for Beachbody and the uniquely serious clientele it caters to. Anyone who’s familiar with Beachbody or the sort of workout programs it’s famous for putting out there already has a pretty good inkling that this Workout isn’t exactly going to be a walk in the park and they’d be correct.

Who Is Insanity Best Suited For?

Insanity wasn’t designed with the faint of heart in mind. it’s meant for dedicated individuals who are truly serious about getting into the best shape of their lives. People who stuck to the program and followed the plan to the letter saw staggering results as far as the amount of weight they lost – somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-50 pounds. They also saw results fast – within the 60 days specified for the program.

What are some of the cons of Insanity?

In my opinion there are two big downfalls to Insanity. The first being the learning curve: The DVD has no progression period, the workout you do on day one is as hard as the workout you do on day 60. This is good in the sense that it will push you from day one, but bad if you’re just beginning an exercise program. You will waste valuable days at the beginning of the program trying to keep up and won’t get the full benefit from only being able to do half the workout.

The second downfall is again a positive and a negative. The fact that the program uses no weights or bands is great for at home workouts, and not having to go buy equipment. The negative side to this is atrophy; this program is pure cardio and puts your body in a position to not only burn fat, but burn muscle as well. From the personal reviews I have read the biggest complaint is how much muscle people lose, along with their fat.


Effective for weight loss

No equipment to buy

Can pay off the DVD in 3 payments


Muscle Loss

No learning Curve

Not a lot of variety in the Workouts





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