Am I hearing that right? I just want to make sure I understand the reasoning here; So, just to recap...


- Spending $2200 per year for health insurance is a budget line item but laying out $800 a year for a gym membership is too much?

- $120 a month for insulin is standard but paying $100 a month for small group training is outlandish?

- $50 a session for a Chiropractor is a necessity but $40 a session for Personal Trainer is too expensive?

- $75 for a tank of gas is just part of owning a car but $750 for a bicycle is laughable?

- $4.50 for a mocha is about right but $3.99 for a salad is absurd?

- 3 hours a day of television is average but running 30 minutes a day is obsessive?

- 4 weekend hours cursing a golf ball is a good career move but 2 hours running a 10K is too much like real work?

- Chronic low back pain from weak muscles is inevitable but the temporary pain of sore muscles to prevent it is too much?

- Being covered in clothes at the beach is fine but being covered in sweat at the gym is gross?

- It's ok to shop for clothes in sizes with multiple X’s but I should be mortified about how I look doing Zumba?

- Injecting neurotoxins into her face makes a woman beautiful but weight training makes her too masculine?

- Drinking a 6-pack makes a man one of the guys but 6-pack abs makes him a ‘roid freak?

- Being known by name at the brewery means I’m sociable but being well known at the gym makes me weird?

- Gastric Bypass surgery is reasonable but losing weight with effort and portion control is extreme?

- Getting fat is typical but doing something about it is...what? too hard? too expensive? too embarassing? too different?


How is that working out for you?


We are here to help, but we can’t do it for you.


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