Just exactly how big IS your but?

NOT that one. We can ALL see how big that one is. I’m talking about the OTHER one. The one where you say, “I want to workout but...” or “I try to get to the gym, but...” And just like , “once upon a time...”, those three little dots signal the start of a James Cameron-sized story, involving time traveling robots, aliens, or a hidden obstacle you couldn’t see because you refused to slow down to a reasonable speed.

The problem is that I’m a personal trainer; my job is to bust your but. (Well, that one too, though you really have a 1-track mind here) I’ve heard all the stories. I’ve told some whoppers myself. They are better entertainment than most of the movies that came out last year. Take a moment and lay out your best excuse right now. Say it out loud. Is someone opening an envelope and handing you a statue for the “most
over-dramatized scene”? Are you being handed the business card for a personal injury attorney who specializes in settlements? Did it have more insurmountable opposition than a James Bond knock-off film? After being in the fitness industry for more than 20 years, and teaching Jr. High PE, I would bet my mortgage that I can come up with more excuses than you can. Any takers?


It’s because you know I’m right. (It happens every so often; my wife is always surprised). Nobody is going to take me up on that bet because deep down you know that your but is almost as believable as Arnold Schwarzenegger's acting.

Let it go.

If you want a smaller but, start working on your glutes. If you want help, that’s what your friends are here at WORX are for. We will GIVE you a personalized game plan. We teach the classes, so that you don’t have to wonder what to do, just show up and sweat. We have strategy sessions in order to build a workout from scratch just for you. We consult with you. We encourage, cajole, and TRAIN you. We are very good at busting buts. Come find out what we can do with yours.

And most important, when you see yourself in workout shorts in our mirrors, your but looks smaller.


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