How many times have we approached that buffet table at a party and said to ourselves "I'm going to be good, just the vegetables"?  Then it all flies out the window by the time we get to the end and have 14 types of dessert!

Make these holidays funner not fatter! It's more fun NOT to have to lose the SAME 10(20,30,40) POUNDS over and over. It's more fun to look and feel your best in those party clothes, it's more fun to make it to workout class in the morning and NOT have a hangover, it's more fun to try that new healthy recipe then to gorge on gravy, it's more fun to start a game to keep you away from the food, it's more fun to grab a few friends for a "holiday workout" date.

Make it a goal to have some extra "calorie free" fun and dont take steps backward before you step into the new year!!!


Worx Wenatchee
Worx Eastmont
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Monday - Friday



Kid's Club is currently closed at both clubs.
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