No, seriously. I’m not asking to get your attention. I’m asking because I’ve been trying to share this secret for YEARS! I’m asking because I’m frustrated. I’m asking because despite the best efforts of many very knowledgeable people it is STILL a secret.

You ARE right; there IS a secret to getting in shape. Dr. Phil, Dr. Atkins, Dr. Laura, and Dr. Seuss are all going to tell you that it is not your fault. That it is your metabolism, your genes, your hormones, upbringing, blood type, horoscope, skin color, eye color, job, house, or 3rd grade teacher.

This is complete rubbish.

It’s NOT your thyroid! Actual incidence of low thyroid disorder is about 0.4% (that is 4/1,000). I’m not saying it’s impossible that you are one of the 200ish people in the Wenatchee/East Wenatchee area that have Hypothyroidism. I’m saying that is INCREDIBLY rare, and even if you ARE one of those who have it, exercise helps.

It is NOT your asthma! Does the name Flo Jo ring a bell? The woman started her running career with a monster inhaler AROUND HER NECK to use immediately across the finish line. If you HAVE asthma, get a heart rate monitor, an inhaler, and a trainer. Planned, controlled aerobic exercise below the lactate threshold REDUCES symptoms and episodes of asthma.

You are NOT Big-Boned- Even if you ARE big boned, the human skeleton weighs 35-60lbs. Truely “big-boned” people can add about 15% or about 8 more pounds. Having an extra 8 pounds more calcium is NOT the issue, so stop using it as an excuse.

You are NOT too busy- EVERYBODY has the same 24 hours in the day. Lance, Arnold, Michael Phelps, you, me, EVERYBODY. We all have jobs. We all have family. We all want more time to pursue our hobbies. We all make decisions about how to spend that time. The average American spends 2.5 hours per day watching television. And what has it gotten us? Fatter. We are all short on time, but you manage to get a shower and
brush your teeth every day. Why is muscular or cardiovascular health any different than dental health?

That new diet is NOT a miracle cure- I don’t care if you eat right for your blood type, your ethnic heritage, get shots of hormones harvested from the placenta, or put your body into over-proteined ketosis (which will destroy your liver). What the research says, what nobody wants to hear is, THOSE DIETS WORK BECAUSE YOU ARE BRINGING IN FEWER CALORIES!!! and they ALL say they work best “when combined with a
sensible exercise program.”

It is NOT money- You can buy training sessions for less than your weekly coffee habit. And if you simply put the amount you spent on tortilla chips last month towards some personal coaching, it would be a double bonus. Over the past 10 years, as obesity rates have risen faster than the stock market, Americans have spent $58 BILLION on exercise equipment, clothing, shoes, and DVD’s. That does NOT include
gym memberships, classes, or trainers. And none of it made a difference.

I want to share with you the secret of getting in shape; the secret of getting the body you want. Do you WANT to hear the secret that Billy Blanks, Jake Steinfeld, Suzanne Somers, and Joe Weider are praying that Americans NEVER figure out? Can I tell you what the people who won the Gold’s Gym Challenge figured out? What the people who dropped out didn’t?

The secret is this: IT SIMPLY TAKES WORK. Nobody can buy it. Your ethnic heritage is irrelevant. Your genetic predisposition, and medical conditions will play a part, but it’s not the 90% that we want to think it is; it’s more like 9%. And you are going to have to drop the excuses before you can pick up a weight. To get what YOU want, YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE TIME AND PUT OUT THE SWEAT. Nobody can do it for you. We are
here to help, but YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK.


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