Why do you train? If someone had asked me 5 years ago I would have answered getting my bench to 300 lbs. Go back further and it would be a desire to not be skinny and weak. Ask me 3 years ago and I would have said so that Others May Live (Pararescue motto.) Ask me today and I will reply with one word. Zombies... Yes I am serious. One of the main reasons I train is for the impending zombie horde. Do I think zombies will ever happen? No! However I force myself to prepare for such an event and it creates a fun scenario for which to train. One of the best motivational tools I have found for training is the use of “urgent” scenarios. “Zombieland” training is one great way to accomplish this! But, it could be any type of scenario. For Zombieland you have to be fast, agile, strong, and have lots of endurance.

Scenario training can be relative to any time period. You could create a scenario for a single workout, a weeks worth of workouts, or for months on end. A single workout scenario might be I have to lift this trailer off of my son. If I were creating one to last over a period of 12 workouts then the options increase like crazy.

There is the classic Road Warrior scenario. You must dispense justice on your bicycle and each day is a new challenge just to survive (dramatic much.) The workouts for Road Warrior would be something similar to: 

Day 1: Bike 5 miles, 5 deadlift, 1 fireman’s carry (mimic pulling and carrying someone from a car), and repeat 5 times as fast as you can. Basically see how fast you can pull those people from a wrecked car.

Day 2: Bike 7 miles, 50 meter run (chasing suspect), 10 cable pulls (grabbing suspect), 10 cable punches (fighting suspect with some ROAD WARRIOR JUSTICE) and repeat 4 times. Making the Road safer, one bad driver at a time.

Another one could be, you are a firefighter and you have a small house fire one day: Small House Fire: weighted sled pull for 50ft (dragging hose), Ball slams against a wall (breaking down a door with an axe), Run 1 flight of stairs (running a flight of stairs), 1 Sumo Deadlift (picking someone up), and fireman’s carry down the stairs, out the door, and to the fire truck. Repeat

The point is you gotta have fun with your training. It does say “you gotta have fun” on our front door after all.

Have fun. Get in the gym daily. Go out and play.



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