So, as if the challenge hasn’t been difficult enough, I had to go and throw a girls' weekend to Vegas smack in the middle of it. Changing routine can be tough when you are so focused on your goal, especially when you must rely solely on restaurants for your food and be in a completely different environment.  The ladies at the gym assured me that it would be fine: they encouraged me to pack my workout clothes and said if I had one “cheat” it wouldn't be the end of the world.

I started the trip with protein bars, my running shoes, and a plan. 

And yes, I turned into one of “those” girls, constantly asking how many calories are in that, how far do you think we just walked, etc. Luckily, my girlfriends all knew my goal and were all super supportive; and armed with a plan and the support of my friends, I actually was able to stick to my diet and break a sweat every day.  Yes, while they were downing cheeseburgers and fries, I was having chicken and rice with vegetables; and while they were ordering biscuits and gravy, I was ordering an egg white omelet with whole wheat toast. 

I walked away feeling so empowered and in control, and never felt like I was missing out on something.

It occurred to me that these are truly lifestyle changes I am practicing. My main goal of the challenge is ingrain in myself a healthy lifestyle that will inevitably lead to a healthy body; it is not to miraculously starve myself and then struggle with keeping the weight off once the challenge is over. And you know what? It's working: I was able to wear dresses out dancing that I haven’t worn in years. Even better? I didn’t miss a beat, my first day back home I was back in the gym. That’s my idea of success. 


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