All you need is love! If only the Beatles were right.

 As M&M put it, "If it were easy you wouldn't need me." It  takes time, sweat, and in my case some tears from the frustrations that come along with the challenges of losing weight. I have been on a roller coaster that is out of control these past few weeks.  Most would agree the primary goal of this challenge is to LOSE weight.  Unfortunately, I have been more successful at the yo-yo part of losing weight. 

But back to the love.  
I must admit and really want to make sure that I give credit where due.  While I still have 30 days left of the challenge I have not been going it alone.  I have had my wonderful followers checking in with me, my amazing friends that have supported me by loaning me equipment and handing out compliments, I have had the pleasure of working with an extremely intelligent personal trainer (whom I have named Merciless Mark - hence the M&M).  I would also like to recognize the unconditional love my husband has given me through this challenge.  Not only has he been my personal chef, but he has taken on extra chores around the house and watched Wyatt many times while I have rushed out the door to hit the gym.  Sorry ladies he is taken!  
Without the love and support of everyone through this process I can honestly say I would not be where I am right now.
Last but just as important I am really starting to come around to the idea of loving myself. So many people have asked if I feel good about the 20 pounds I have lost.  I answer, "no".  I am still learning that what I am right now is temporary and I have the ability to change.  I have to remember that to do it right means that change will not happen over night.  And really, taking on the world is not the best way to effect change.  So while I have been going gung-ho with finishing my masters degree, working full time, and adjusting to having a baby (now 7 months!) balancing these challenges while still loving who I am beyond the extra pounds is something that I will still be working on even after losing 35 pounds or even 50 pounds. I can't wait to see what I can make myself into physically and mentally.

Livin, Lovin & Laughin


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