Wenatchee Fitness Blog is following a local Wenatchee blogger named Shelley.  Her blog, named "Fat, Interrupted." is filled with Shelley's 'random thoughts and experiences while trying to become less woman.'


I first called this entry Things I Would Do if I Wasn't so Fat, but I decided to change it to something better.

Being fat sucks.  It keeps me from doing all kinds of things, either because of self-consciousness or just because I can't physically do it.  Why on earth would someone put themselves in a position of not being able to do stuff???  It's dumb.  So I'm going to work hard so I can do stuff.  Stuff that non-fat folks can do all the time with no problem.  Here are some of the little things I will do when I'm not so fat:

  • I will walk into ANY store and buy clothes.  I will no longer be relegated to stores that have a fat-chick section.  The fat-chick section does have TONS of clothes on clearance and do you know why?  BECAUSE THEY'RE UGLY AND NOBODY WANTS TO BUY THEM, that's why.  No, I don't want a pink sweatshirt with a giant kitty on the front, nor do I want a pair of stretch pants with a rise so high the waistband touches my bra, thankyouverymuch.
  • I will wrap a regular sized bath towel around the entire circumference of my body with enough slack left over to tuck and hold.
  • I will sit in an airplane seat without my seat-mate being subject to my shoulders and thighs (you're welcome.)

And here are some bigger things I will do when I'm not so fat:

  • I will spend more time near water:  at the river, at the ocean, at the pool.  I was a total water-baby when I was a kid and I miss it.
  • I will do things with my friends and family that involve physical activity.  The first thing I will do when I start getting not-so-fat is to hike Saddlerock with Kenzie.  I will go on bike ride with Kent.  I will go on a jog with Dan and Brad (go easy on me, guys).  I will do diving with Gretchen.  I will play Ultimate with Odie.  I will wind my way through several malls with my Deb (yes, shopping is a physical activity) and have the added advantage of being able to try on the same styles she can wear.
  • I will be a better employee.  I will be more energized, more alert, and more confident at work and I will be less susceptible to the stresses therein.
  • I will be a better mom.  (No explanation required.)

Most importantly, I will be a better servant to God and to my neighbors.  My fatness truly limits my ability to serve.  I will have the energy to spend more time doing the love-one-another thing.  I will load furniture for the furniture ministry, I will lug boxes of food around,  I will help with clean-up and landscaping projects and all those other loving things that my expansive girth keeps me from fully engaging, and fully enjoying.

I'm sure there's lots more things I'll do when I'm not so fat.  But I've been fat for so long, I don't know what all those things are.  I'll keep you posted!


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