Review on 'Sustainable Fitness, Enabling a Plan for Your Lifelong Health' by Blair McHaney

Sustainable Fitness is not a workout plan. It’s a book that wants us to understand how
we ‘create’ a plan for lifelong health. It’s a book that wants us to see there is a process
involved in moving from the often short-term excitement and motivation for a workout,
to the long-term, ebb and flow of sustaining our health.

It offers ‘7 Perspectives for Sustainable Fitness’. Financial, Emotional, Motivational,
Social, Nutritional, Logistical, and Physical. It’s with the understanding that you may
or may not relate to each perspective, but that these are key elements to consider when
deciding whether or not your exercise plan will be ‘sustainable’. As you answer to each
of these elements you’ll be able to understand what it takes for YOU to stay committed to
your health.

So, if you’ve struggled with on-again, off again exercise, and you truly want more for
yourself, read Sustainable Fitness. In it you’ll find the tools, and the motivation, to create
your own Plan for Lifelong Health.

To download a free version of the book, visit;

Darcy West, B.A., ACSM

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