Nothing like getting out of a rut by, willfully taking on difficult or disagreeable tasks that may be very  uncomfortable, i.e. the definition of "glutton for punishment".  Just as I told myself I would, I went to the Challenge Throwdown. Uh yea - OUCH! Okay, so it didn't really hurt but I was very thankful that there were options in the exercises that were low key.  It was really nice that the gal next to me half my size also opted for some of the low key versions. Please do not be mistaken, the low key versions were not for grandma they were what I would consider the average person while the real routine was for the guy in the back that must have been jumping to the ceiling; I don't think he even broke a sweat!

To keep myself on track twelve, yes 1-2 hours later I was back in the gym (5:30 a.m.) for Hot Yoga.  Oh boy. Again, I am a Glutton for Punishment! While the first time the room was 108-degrees it was a mild 90-degrees today - oh dear!  My muscles were crying at this point from the throwndown but by gosh I was going to whip them back into shape! Again, a dang hot room and moves my body is not quite equipped for, but I made it through it!

I seem to be having serious mood swing with this weight thing. One day I am so excited to think that I have lost 14 pounds! YAHOO!! Then I look in the mirror at the gym and see something I am not proud of; I even try to stand right where the mirrors meet - then I look half my size. You know you have done it too!! This is not just a physical change that I am going through.  As M&M (Merciless Mark) has clearly communicated the mind is just as important and seeing myself for what I am deep down and not for what I am in this temporary state is critical.  I hadn't realized exactly what I signed up for when I started this challenge, but I am starting to realize the changes that are ahead are not temporary but life changing!

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