Bike class has long been a favorite of mine for cardio.  I love everything about it – the music, the enthusiastic group, and the amazing instructors. More importantly I love being able to push myself harder than I thought possible and see myself getting stronger with every class.  This past week during a bike class, I was once again shown how lucky we are to belong to such an amazing gym. The staff are always friendly and helpful and if you have a question about anything- just ask! I was in a bike class this past week when a newcomer decided to join us. I remember how nervous I was walking into my first bike class and could totally empathize with this person’s nerves.  She immediately went up to the instructor and asked for help and she was instantaneously immersed into a unique group of friends. I loved watching others in the class give her tips on everything from how to set up her bike, what to expect throughout the class, and even getting her a towel.  Throughout the class the people around her cheered her on and afterwards, reassured her that the first time is the toughest; and encouraged her to try it again. I left the class that night, not only feeling exhilarated from my work out – but also from the friendliness of those around me.  These friendly faces keep the workouts fun, the environment accepting and encourage people to try something new.  That night reminded me to smile throughout my own workouts and have the courage to try something new – who knows? Maybe I’ll finally try that Zumba class after all!


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