Lot's of fun group training to choose from as we hit the fall and winter seasons.  Get the benefits of personal training in a motivating, friendly atmosphere, at half the cost.
Your training routine should cyle a bit with the seasons....try something new in the winter when you ar not outside as much.
Sign-up sheets are out at the front desk in Wenatchee!!
If you are currently enrolled in a group trining program, let me know if you are continuing so I can block off a spot for you.
Also--- Looking for interest in a 11am tu/th group or buddy training: fat burning intervals and weights????
Ongoing....buy 4 sessions for 80.00
One hour filled with everything you need: Heart pumping intervals, full-body strength, functional training, and core! Take everything up a notch but keep it to one short hour, 4 sweet weeks. Join in a fun group training atmosphere and get ready for Athletic activities or just to look good. This program is a fast moving, efficient combination of moves to keep you fat burning while you get all your fitness components covered. Arc trainers, rowing, quadmill, medicine balls, physio-balls, body-weight moves, cables, Dumbells and ABS ABS ABS!!!!
STICK WITH IT! 11am WEDNESDAYS    Ongoing …...4 sessions for 80.00
If you are lacking in consistency or need some extra motivation and help to get quality workouts in …..this group training program welcomes beginners or intermediate exercisers!!! Workout to the best of your individual ability with injury modifications and intensity variations that fit YOU!! We work on fat burning and strengthening with a full body workout using different equipment and efficient exercise progressions. Postural adjustments and corrective exercises used to prevent or improve pain. Enjoy making a few friends and extra Personal Training attention at affordable cost.
Cross-training for weight loss…. 4PM Tu/Th    November 2-23    7 sessions 140.00
Be ready for anything in this fat-burning, ultra-fun group training session! We will use functional interval training, spin bikes, and the weight room and other cardio pieces to really mix it up and challenge your body. Every session will be slightly different to keep your body responding to the workouts. This program is a fast moving, efficient combination of exercises to keep you fat burning while you get all your fitness components covered. Nutrition tracking encouraged, but not required. Set goals and Make it Happen!
FIT Training …...9am OR 5pm Tu/th  November 2-23     7 sessions  140.00
Time to get serious about your goals!! Accountability, consistency and variety are keys to success, why not give yourself all three? This group training program is motivating and fun. High energy intervals are mixed throughout the resistance programs to tone and burn fat!! We will hit everything: functional movements, heart rate, strength and core. Intermediate to advanced exercisers will enjoy the challenge and camaraderie from this program!
 *******You may sign-up for one day/week in the 9am group for 80.00 !!!!
SATURDAY OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP 9am - through the fall -FIT Training on our beautiful waterfront.
pay as you go(20.00) or sub missed program sessions with this fun change to the routine.


See you in the gym!




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