Warm - up : walking lunge with DB shoulder rows

SUPERSET THE FOLLOWING TWICE EACH PAIR....1min rest in between pairs

Jammer - single side squat to push R x 15 L x 15

Hoist Bar jump assist pull ups...x25 as fast as possible


Renegade Rows (plank position with alternating Dumbell rows ) x20

Side to Side Squats with Dumbells at Shoulders x20

FM cable Lift Squat rotation R x 15 L x 15

Scissor Lunge Jump on Lift platform x20

FM Cable Straight arm pull down x 15

Heavy A-line cable pull x20

Med Ball Fwd Back Lunge R x 10 L x 10

Walk-over Med ball push ups ( knees or toes )


Join Kari for FIT Training at 9am or 5pm at our Wenatchee location.......Core, Cardio, Strength, Fat burning, AWESOME!!!!!!!

Worx Wenatchee
Worx Eastmont
Club Hours

Monday - Friday



Kid's Club is currently closed at both clubs.

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