Knowing that a trainer in the past was able to help me reach my goals and kept me motivated to keep trying, it seemed logical when I was feeling the need for an extra push to hire a trainer again. I’ve been fortunate to call Cara, our Gold’s Gym Stretch Therapist as my personal trainer. This past month, she has taken me thru work outs that are both physically and mentally challenging, but always full of fun.

Cara has this amazing way of helping me reach just outside of my comfort and ability zone. She’ll encourage me to stay there, with out quitting, just long enough to feel like I’m going to collapse from muscle fatigue, before releasing me to find respite with my water bottle and towel. With her guidance in doing so, I get to see and appreciate what I’m truly capable of accomplishing when I set my mind to trying. It seems like I’m earning a small notch of improvement in my abilities, which in turn, is a notch in my confidence. Something I get to go home with and use in my everyday life. What a gracious gift on her part.

Last week with just a few minutes left to go in our work out, I was soaked from sweating, mentally ready to be done, and she asks “Do you have one more set in you?“ My out loud voice was quick to respond “Heck ya,” even before I could assess the physical condition of my body. I wasn’t sure where the spunk came from at first, because I know it’s always later that I hurt the most. But I’m learning it’s that elusive, “inner strength“ that we each posses. Being told we have it and knowing how to use it are two different things. Something I’ve never quite gotten the hang of using or even known how to “turn it on” so to speak. But through this training experience with some amazing break thru life moments, like running two miles at a time last week. I’m seeing that my inner strength is obtainable by just a simple summons of my heart. A small request on my part, to keep going, with the prize being a great sense of accomplishment and self pride. Knowing how to use my inner strength and being in the best shape of my life, will be useful on race day. If I start to think the finish line is unobtainable, I’ll be able to ask my heart to serve me up some mojo, and just keep moving and keep trying!


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