There are many reasons that people try going to the gym or working out for short periods of time and then begin to fall off track.  Here are some clues for keeping YOUR workouts consistent and what to look for when you begin a new exercise routine:

 1.Negative associations related to exercise and/or weight loss.  Bad experiences with workouts, even injuries occurring with new exercise routines.

2.Goals are not attained within the desired amount of time.  Weight loss is a major goal of people going to the gym and much of the problem of weight loss is more associated with nutrition and eating too much and not being “weak” in the gym.

 3.Insecurity and fear of going to the gym.  Remember that we are all here to learn and feel better.  If this means hiring a professional to aid you through the process, then your health is worth it!

 4.Knowledge and getting involved with group classes, seminars, and professionals is a great way to begin understanding what it is going to take to reach your goals.  Employees of a gym can help you feel listened too to a certain extent, but you need to encourage yourself to start asking questions and get involved.

5.Exercise history and the feelings associated to exercise are big indicators of how comfortable a person feels in exercise settings.  Try finding a niche where you have a positive experience and you will be more likely to stick with it!

 6.Knowing that your behavior, mood, and the way that you adapt to new changes in your life can effect the outcome of you coming into the gym on a daily basis is a good start to preparing yourself to NOT QUIT.

 7.Getting a workout buddy or others involved with what you are doing is expressing your commitments and will help hold you accountable.  Everyone around you will benefit from you talking about working out.  You may just get another person into the gym benefiting their health.

 8.Clear mental focus on your goals, your exercises, and the ways in which you express WHO YOU ARE.  Write them down if you have to!!



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