I'm doing the employee challenge. It's been a lot of fun participating in the competition along with many of my clients. However, as a working mom, sometimes I don't get as much time to come into the gym for all of my workouts. That doesn't mean that I don't workout!!! I've just had to come up with creative ways to do some exercises at home. When I drained my brain of all the things I could think of, such as doing lunges with my son on my shoulders and sit ups with him sitting on my chest, I went to the store and bought a DVD. I'm a big fan of the show the Biggest Loser, so I got the "Last Chance" workout DVD.

 It is humbling how sore I got.

 The DVD is broken up into stages from week on to six. They do interval training, an upper and lower body sculpt and of course they do some (very important) stretching at the end.

 It was comforting and inspiring to see people of all different shapes and sizes doing the same workout as me. I got a great sweat and I'm sore in all the right places!


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