Here's a great routine to challenge the start of your new year.  Let's welcome in 20/10!!  Feel free to leave us a comment on what you thought of the routine!

Start by warming up your abs with a slow crunch exercise, legs completely extended on the floor about 10-20 reps.

 Grab a Stability Ball, Kettle Bell, Jump Rope, and a Bosu

 45 minutes total

 Dynamic stretches and warmup: walking hip stretch (pull one knee straight up toward chest with good posture and stretch, then step forward moving to the next side), toe touches, light jog, upper body stretches to loosen up neck and shoulders.

 Overhead squats on Bosu (light to no weight) 20 reps

Stability ball pushups 10 reps

Deadlift alternate single leg 20 reps

Dips (straight arm or full dip) 10 reps

Combination jump rope 20 right foot, 20 left, 10 right, 10 left (repeat for one minute)

Plank row Dumbbell 10 reps alternating

Lateral lunge with rotation Medicine Ball 20 reps alternating

Chinups (add assistance if needed) 10 reps

Decline crunch with MB reach 20 reps

Kettle Bell swings 10 reps

 Repeat all 2x

 Have fun!!!!

 Rose Barker ACSM CPT

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