Looking for an exciting and true story of leadership?  Ernest Shackleton was a great explorer of the Antarctic and has been named one of the best leaders ever to have lived.  Margot Morrell and Stephanie Capparell co-author Shackleton's Way as not only a gripping tale about bravery, teamwork, and comradery, but also organize this book in a way that any person looking to build their business can uncover what success really asks of each individual.

Shackleton, you will learn, is a flawed man with a passion and understanding for people.  His greatest accomplishment by far is the way in which he taught every man, woman, and child who came close to him to stay positive, have humor and never give up!  He lead many expeditions through peril and hardship and upon arrival each man would say what brought them through was in simple terms, "Shakleton".

Obviously leadership lessons we have heard before, and they can become redundant.  I would say this is the only place in which this book can go wrong.  Even more, I would assume that most people will not refuse the strife imagined when fighting against months of ice and freezing conditions of the Antarctic.  You will not hear such praise for a leader as this.  His story is truly inspiring.  The book is broken into sections about Shakleton's life and within each chapter there are numerous, well planned guides referencing ways in which to use the power of this man's leadership skills to your own advantage and how exactly he inspired every man of his crew to survive the un-survivable.

The crew and story speak for themselves in this quote, "There was nothing petty in his own nature.  The one thing he demanded was cheerfulness from us all; and what he received from every man serving under him was absolute loyalty." -Leanard Hussey, meteorologist and Endurance crew member.

Rose Barker ACSM CPT


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