Much more than just another book about Bruce Lee, The Art of Expressing the Human Body is full of exercise information. Aside from being a world-renowned 'movie star' and martial artist, Bruce Lee was first and foremost an athlete. One look at his physique in the movie Enter the Dragon and I'm sure you'll agree that he knew a little bit about working out and what it means to be LEAN.

This book covers all the muscle groups of the body from legs to lats with tid-bits about the author scattered throughout. It also presents Bruce Lee's own personal view on effective exercises and is extremely detailed. As you'll see by the pictures throughout (should you decide to check out the book) Mr. Lee was extremely conditioned with very little bodyfat which doesn't come about just by 'pumping iron'. It explains various cardiovascular exercises and routines that are very efficient as well as a whole section on stretching. I read this book religiously throughout high school and used a lot of the routines and training ideas myself, and can tell you that they definitely achieve what they're said to when executed with commitment.

Along with the exercise is an overview of what Bruce Lee himself followed as a diet-which is very useful for ideas. Though it may seem a bit out-dated and not as 'fresh' as various exercise books of today (especially any by some big name Hollywood star of our generation), I think at times that it's most important to get back to basics. Along with diet and nutrition is a bit about supplementation as well. You won't find anything about Creatine or N.O. Boosters but more natural, herbal remedies which are interesting to learn about.

The Art of Expressing the Human Body is not only informative but also very inspiring. Bruce Lee was much more than a martial artist.  He was an athlete-always full of insights and ideas that are very thought-provoking and motivational. You may not even be remotely interested in martial arts-but don't let that deter you from at least flipping through the pages of this great book because it's not JUST for martial artists. It's always good to find new ideas and see what worked for other people as every body is you have to try something different to see what works for YOU.

Charlie Wilson, ACE Certfied Personal Trainer


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