Gym Hours--Both Locations

11/28--Thanksgiving Day ????: 5am - 2pm

11/29--Black Friday ????: 5am - 7pm

11/30 Regular Hours

Group Fitness Classes

11/28--Thanksgiving Day ????: All Classes Canceled

EXCEPT Eastmont and Wenatchee 90-minute Fat Burner! 9am-10:30 in Group Fitness rooms!

11/29--Black Friday ????: All Classes Canceled

EXCEPT Wenatchee ONLY 90-minute Fat Burner (9am-10:30am) and a special Black Friday Wine and Yoga Event (6pm-7:3opm)!

11/30 Regular Hours & Schedule

Kid's Club--Both Locations

11/28--Thanksgiving Day ????: Closed

11/29--Black Friday ????:Closed

11/30 Closed


11/28--Thanksgiving Day ????: All sessions canceled

11/29--Black Friday ????: All sessions canceled


Have a great Thanksgiving!


Print Schedule

Worx Wenatchee
Worx Eastmont
Club Hours

Monday - Friday



Kid's Club is currently closed at both clubs.
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