As of 5am tomorrow--Friday, November 13th--we will have in place a mandatory mask policy. All members must have a mask on at all times.

The only exceptions are if you're on a stationary piece of cardio equipment or are taking a Group Fitness class (because of the wide spacing). Group Fitness members are expected to wear their masks while not at their class station--that includes while setting up or putting away equipment, and entering/leaving the studios.

It is our hope that this provides clarity as we see an increase in covid cases in Wenatchee. We also hope this makes things easier for our team members--we don't want to be the "mask police."

The key thing is: you must be wearing a mask--that's anywhere on the workout floor at any time. Doing squats or deadlifts and need to catch your breath? Pull the mask away from your face and catch your breath, but please leave it raised. We're also looking at other masks that we can recommend to our members for exercise. For his workouts, Blair recommends the 32 Degrees face mask.

At the same time, we're working closely with the Governor's office to find opportunities to open showers and at some point, Kid's Club by appointment. Stay tuned for future updates.

And if you're a member that uses our Perkville rewards program (or would like to), follow the link below to agree to our mask policy and you'll earn 300 Perkville bonus points!

Agree to Mask Policy

Blair sits down for our latest video update. View it below and follow us on Facebook for all the latest updates.

Blair is back on our Worx Facebook page to answer some common questions about wearing masks while working out at the gym. Watch below to get the info you need to be ready when we can welcome members back to our facilities.

And check out our video update for a preview of the exciting changes to expect when we can welcome you back to Worx! And follow our Facebook page for more updates and live-streamed group fitness classes!

What's going on behind the scenes at Worx? Blair is back to give an update on some exciting changes happening while you've been gone!

When Worx re-opens, we're going to have the healthiest possible environment for our community. Our members deserve the healthiest environment for their workout. We also believe the deserve to have a great time while they're here. That means we're making some major changes to our facilities at both Eastmont and Wenatchee!

Watch our video update for a preview of the exciting changes tok expect when we can welcome you back to Worx! And follow our Facebook page for more updates and live-streamed group fitness classes!

Blair provides an update on the status of Worx amidst Washington State's emergency shut-down order. It isn't the best news, but we remain optimistic that Worx will be able to re-open for Wenatchee Valley safely soon! In the meantime, if you want to workout from home, follow our Facebook page to watch some of our virtual group fitness classes!

Blair provides an update on how the gym is preparing to ensure the safety of all members of Worx and the Wenatchee Valley community.


Amidst the emerging the recommendations of health professionals regarding COVID-19, we will not be curtailing our operations on Tuesday, we will be shutting down. We will target a 2-week timeframe, but are prepared for longer. We will be freezing everyone's dues so that you will not be paying for a time you did not have access.

Worx strives to be a champion of Wenatchee's health. The data coming out of King County is compelling. For our community, now is the time when we can lead or we can follow. We choose to lead.

See the full statement from Blair quoted below, or view it on our Facebook page.

Hi Worx Members,

We have been monitoring this situation hourly and I have personally been on calls with our community's top healthcare providers. All of which have made the data abundantly clear - shut it down.

I am personally feeling quite chagrined by having to do this after all of the planning and communicating we did today.

We will not be curtailing our operations on Tuesday. We will be shutting down. We will target a 2-week shutdown but are prepared for it to go longer. The trajectory of the epidemiology data coming out of King County is too compelling. We can lead or we can follow. We will lead.

Our hope is that we will cause a cascading effect in our community that might get other businesses to follow and perhaps we can greatly reduce the effect on our valley.

I am personally so sorry for having whip-sawed you all like this with our rapidly changing communication.

PLEASE understand that in our valley we have an opportunity if we act fast enough. And if we act fast enough and we can reduce the wave of COVID-19 cases, perhaps we can be a case study in how a small community should respond.

We will be freezing everyone's dues so that you will not be paying for a time you did not have access. Bear with us while we manage all of this. We will be keeping our staff employed and doing projects and/or community service. Whatever it takes to keep them whole during this time and to get them back face-to-face with all of you when this passes. And it will pass.

Going on 40 years of doing business in this valley and we have never seen anything like this. Please hang in there with us, our competitors, and all local businesses.

IMPORTANT: If you are a senior member at Worx and are isolated, please let us know of any errands to run or anything else we might help with. You can e-mail our GM Katie High at katieh@yourworkoutrx (dot) com for your help request [or click here].

This too shall pass. Hang in there everyone. It will get better.

Blair C. McHaney

No major changes to our group fitness schedules this month but we do have some exciting special classes coming up in March! March 14th is our MegaLaunch, an Irish-themed event just in time for St. Patrick's Day. We've also got two special events at the Eastmont yoga studio this month, including the return of Cassy & Hans for another Cello and Chill session! Both classes are open to non-members. See more details below or contact us with your questions!

This month, we're also rolling out our new TeamWorx Group Training program! Classes begin with a dynamic warm-up that increases mobility and encourages injourage prevention. Then we get into our prescribed Workout of the Week! TeamWorx offers two different types of sessions (Muscle-Up and Metafit) to fit the general population’s needs and goals.

And finally, March brings our new Membership special. This month only, join the gym for just $20 when you sign up for a year! If you or a friend want to join, sign-up here to get started today.

Wenatchee Bike Studio

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Eastmont Yoga Studio Events

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☘️ SIGN UP NOW!!! $20 gets you an event shirt, a three hour workout, lunch from @dilly.deli , Irish beer (Guinness, harp, Kilkenny, Smithwicks, and cider), and an awesome fun time! Dress up in your favorite St.. Paddy’s day attire and get ready for a great time!! Sign up now at either Worx location! ☘️


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