By - Grant McHaney NASM CPT (National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer), CF-L1 (CrossFit Level 1 Certified), CAP (Certified Awesome Person)

Warm up: Practice getting your rhythm down with your jump rope and trying to land on your toes and quietly like the Worlds Best Ninja (WBN). There is one main rule for this workout. If you mess up or have to stop during you jump rope you have to go to the last 10. Example. You are at 48 jumps and mess up on 49 jumps. You go start jumping again at 40 jumps. Oh and it is all as FAST as you can!!! Time yourself and try it again in a couple of weeks and compare your new time to your previous one..

100 Jump Rope
10 Burpees

90 Jump Rope
9 Burpees

80 Jump Rope
8 Burpees

70 Jump Rope
7 Burpees

60 Jump Rope
6 Burpees

50 Jump Rope
5 Burpees

40 Jump Rope
4 Burpees

30 Jump Rope
3 Burpees

20 Jump Rope
2 Burpees

10 Jump Rope
1 Burpee

I challenge anyone and everyone who would like to try this to beat my personal time of 7 minutes and 24 seconds.


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