If you've ever wondered which exercises to do to 'work' certain body parts, then this book would be immensely helpful to you. Full of nothing but detailed illustrations showing exercises that effectively stress the muscle groups of the body, this book has a lot to offer anyone who exercises. The book is divided into sections based on body parts and also includes common injuries associated with those body parts and how those injuries are acquired. Mr. Delavier is a skilled artist, which you will see through the pages as he illustrates all of the 'exercise demonstrators'.

The sections of the book are chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, buttocks, and abs. Why the buttocks received its own section is questionable but at the same time, I can definitely see that making the book attractive more-so to female exercisers as well. There's over 110 exercises in the book and a lot of them include variations of the movements, so if there's something in the book (e.g. a certain piece of equipment) that you don't have available to you, it's comforting to know you have other options.

Though the book is very visually detailed, has great illustrations, and tons of useful ideas, it doesn't quite deserve a full-on perfect score..

If you want something that's going to give you details on exercise PERFORMANCE, this will not entirely give justice to that. Though there are a few simple step-by-step bullet points for each exercise so you can 'go through the motions' of the movements, they're nothing more than you would find on the actual piece of exercise equipment itself. It would have been nice to learn of any special techniques or tricks to help the exerciser get more from the exercises (e.g. thumb less grip variations, driving through heels on lunges, etc.).  However, that's really all I can nit-pick about.

I didn't purchase the book to show me HOW to exercise, but rather to simply SHOW me exercises-and in that regard it completely succeeds. If you DO find that you need help on HOW to perform some of the exercises-that's what Personal Trainers are for! :o)


Book Review by Charlie Wilson, ACE Certified Personal Trainer


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